Escape the Cold Chain

Elarex’s mission is to get more drugs and medicines to the people who need them by helping manufacturers eliminate the dependence of vaccines and biologic drugs on the cold chain.

Why Elarex

The dependence on the cold chain not only holds back these therapies from making it to hard to reach markets, but it relies on expensive infrastructure which can often break down, rendering an entire batch of expensive product ruined.

The stabilization technology that we have patented will also give an unstable product the chance to make it to market.  In some cases, the cold chain is not enough to keep an unstable vaccine or biologic drug viable.  The additional stabilization of our technology can allow this product to make it to market, where it otherwise may never be commercialized.


Dr. Filipe’s lab at McMaster University started experimenting with stabilizing vaccines and biologics in pullulan in 2014.  This breakthrough work evolved to include trehalose, and resulted in numerous publications and patents.  In 2019, Elarex Inc. was co-founded by Robert DeWitte and Carlos Filipe to bring this proprietary technology to market in the form of PT120-D. Since then, we have developed XE120-L, a second technology platform specifically for stabilizing mRNA-LNPs in liquid.