Stabilizing biologicals,
especially vaccines.

Why ElarexEscape the cold chain

Novel Vaccine Platform

Our technology combines viral vectors with an optimized formulation and drying process that delivers unmatched performance. 


The process and formulation is easily adopted to existing vaccines, and does not require special equipment or novel adjuvants. 

Rapid Response

The COVID pandemic has shown that the use of the viral vector means that the nucleic acid payload can be quickly changed to create a new vaccine fast. 

Temperature Stable

Temperature stability is useful in the fridge, but is critical for long term storage or when shipping outside the cold chain. 


Dr. Filipe’s lab at McMaster University started experimenting with stabilizing vaccines and biologics in pullulan in 2014.  This breakthrough work evolved to include trehalose and has resulted in numerous publications and patents.  In 2019, Elarex Inc. was co-founded by Robert DeWitte and Carlos Filipe to bring this proprietary technology to market in the form of PT120-D.  Since then, we have iterated on this formulation and process to get to the breakthrough stabilization we have today. 

PT120-D ™

This dried technology platform is a straightforward, patented formulation that has been developed over the past nine years at McMaster University. It offers exceptional temperature stabilization that has been shown to stabilize vaccines that normally require -80°C storage to be stored at 40°C, a difference of 120 degrees. In vivo data in mice has shown that this stabilization results in effective vaccines when stored at the higher temperature. No freeze drying is necessary, and the process is simple, with all the components of the solution on the FDA “GRAS” list (Generally Regarded as Safe). This differs from all the other competitors’ offerings in this field.
This technology has also been shown to be applicable to a wide array of bio-therapeutics beyond vaccines. Small molecules, enzymes, biologics, DNA and RNA have all been shown to benefit from the stabilization offered by this technology.


McMaster University has backed Elarex with financial and in-kind contributions.  Having been recently named Canada’s top research-intensive university, McMaster is the perfect partner for a startup in need of research expertise and facilities that would be hard to access otherwise.

“Getting our research into the hands of those who can put it to its best use is critical for us. Elarex has been a great partner in bringing investors and business expertise to help move Dr. Filipe’s technology from lab to market. Together we have the potential to make an impact in the fight against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.” — Karen Mossman, vice-president, research, and leading virologist, McMaster University


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