Executive Team

More than 80 years of experience commercializing technology

Our executive team, led by CEO and Co-Founder, Robert DeWitte, all have a wealth of experience commercializing technology in the pharmaceutical and clinical markets.

Dr. DeWitte has extensive experience developing regulated medical products, including responsibility for transfer to manufacturing. As VP R&D for Clinical Diagnostics at Thermo Fisher Scientific, he was responsible for an organization at five locations in four countries.

Robert DeWitte PhD

Co-founder & CEO, Elarex
Vicki is a CPA and has a MBA from University of Toronto as well as over 30 years’ experience in the investment industry, where she held various senior positions including Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer in numerous organizations.
Vicki Ringelberg CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Dr Beecher has a PhD in polymer chemistry from Cornell University and over 20 years’ experience in industrial research and development culminating in product launches and process improvements in the fields of genomic sequencing and clinical diagnostics.
Jody Beecher PhD
VP Research and Development
Brent has a B.Sc. Specialization in Chemistry from the University of Alberta and has been working in the scientific industry in various product management and market management roles, commercializing technology for more than 20 years.
Brent Lefebvre
Director of Partnerships and Product Strategy
Geoff has a B.Sc. in Biology from the University of Waterloo. Geoff has an extensive background in sales and business development, where he focused on the pharmaceutical development space. Geoff also founded his own company more than 10 years ago to commercialize promising technology in field of the DNA-based species/strain identification.
Geoff Lumby
Manager, Industry Engagement

Scientific Advisors

Dr. Filipe is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering at McMaster University. He has extensive experience in the areas of biochemical engineering, development of ultra-low-cost sensors for environmental and health monitoring. The pullulan/trehalose film technology was developed in Dr. Filipe’s lab. Dr. Filipe is actively engaged in Elarex as the chair of our scientific advisory board.
Carlos Filipe PhD
Co-founder & Principal Scientific Advisor
Dr. Lichty is an Associate Professor in Molecular Medicine at the McMaster Immunology Research Centre and has extensive expertise in the use of viruses and related immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer and vaccination against infectious disease. Dr. Lichty has also co-founded Turnstone Biologics to advance the clinical testing of oncolytic viral vaccines and he is the director of the Robert E. Fitzhenry vector lab at McMaster where clinical grade viral vaccines are manufactured for human clinical trials.
Brian Lichty PhD
Scientific Advisor

The Elarex Team